May 14, 2009 0

Hex stupidity

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A short post as a reminder to myself.

While programming compilers don’t care about the casing of hexadecimal number. However if the hexadecimal number is used as a password, it ofcourse matters.

Took me 30 minutes to realize this (after going trough tons of other options)… guess only programmers would have this problem 🙂

April 21, 2009 0


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Short reminder: Event.REMOVE does bubble;
Event.REMOVE_FROM_STAGE does not.

So when implementing a listener don’t forget to check the target:

function onRemove(anEvent: Event)
  if ( == this)
    // clean up


April 11, 2009 3

WS_FTP.LOG and Yahoo

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This happened a few weeks ago; but I make a blog entry as a reminder.

I got contacted by a friend. He got a warning that someone found personal information regarding a client of him.

I tried several search engines with the clients name. Most engines did not give a result, but Yahoo did. Yahoo redirected me to a text file on the website. So I tried a search for that filename in combination with the websites domain. Again only Yahoo gave a result.

So I scanned all HTML and PHP files; only a few PHP files did contain a reference to this text file but that was all from within PHP code. In other words, there was no link to that text file from anywhere of the (static and generated) HTML code.

I did found a reference to the text file in a WS_FTP.LOG file. The webmaster (by mistake I assume) had uploaded this file. Again I did a search for WS_FTP.LOG together with the domain name. And again only Yahoo reported a link. To be sure I also scanned all HTML and PHP pages for the name WS_FTP.LOG. None of them contained this text.

My conclusion, the crawler of Yahoo tries several standard names with the root and per discovered folder, including a few which imho are a bit questionable.

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April 11, 2009 0

Google Wierdness 1

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A few days ago I update the title tag including a major keyword for a website. Some wierd things happened:

  • was using the new title and indeed the websites position went up.
  • kept using the previous title, hence the page position did not change.
  • After a few days reverted back to the old title and the websites position dropped again.

I did just register the website at google (after the changing the new title) and installed a sitemap. As test I’ve added noarchive to the robots metatag; lets see in a few days if this has any effect.

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April 11, 2009 0

Custom Error Page

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Reminder, when creating a custom error page do NOT forget to return the correct HTTP status code (404).

PHP code:

header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found");
header("Status: 404 Not Found");

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